What is the Price of Scrap Aluminum per Kg in Melbourne?

Have you ever considered the value of your old metal, such as scrap aluminum? In Melbourne, individuals can still fetch top prices for their scrap aluminum. Homeowners may stumble upon scrap aluminum in the form of used beverage cans, old appliances, and worn-out window frames. Contractors and builders often gather scrap aluminum from construction sites, including old wiring, roofing materials, and siding. The automotive industry is another significant source of aluminum scrap, with repair shops generating it from various vehicle components like wheels and radiators.

Copper Scrap Recycler is here to assist you if you want to recycle a small amount of household scrap or have a significant volume from commercial operations. Contact us today to learn more about our services, request a scrap metal bin, or get a price quote for your materials. The average price of scrap aluminum per kg is $1.40 t 2.00.

Types of Scrap Aluminum

Understanding the types of scrap aluminum can help you better organize and maximize the value of your recyclable materials. 

This type includes items like window frames, door frames, and structural pieces. Extruded aluminum is highly valuable due to its purity and strength, making it a popular choice for recycling.

One of the most frequently recycled aluminum items, beverage cans are easy to collect, clean, and recycle.

Includes items such as old engine blocks, machinery parts, and outdoor furniture. Cast aluminum can be recycled but often needs to be broken down into smaller pieces before processing.

These items are often derived from home renovation projects and are typically made from high-quality aluminum. However, to get the best price, make sure they are clean and free of nails or other attachments.

Copper Scrap Recycler In Melbourne

Where to Sell?

In Melbourne, there are numerous places to sell your scrap metal. At Copper Scrap Recycler, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices and excellent customer service. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best deal. Contact us today so that we can deliver our quality and fast service to your doorstep.

Quick Tips Before You Sell Your Scrap Aluminum

To get the best scrap metal prices in Melbourne, including aluminum, it’s essential to understand the following tips

  1. Remove any impurities or attachments from your scrap metal to improve its purity and fetch a higher price.
  2. Different types of metals should be sorted separately. Mixed metals can lower the overall price, so separating aluminum from other metals is crucial
  3.  Clean your scrap metal before selling it, as cleaner metal typically fetches a higher price. Removing any non-metallic attachments can also increase the value of your scrap. 

Where to Get a Scrap Metal Bin

Getting a scrap metal bin can be very convenient if you recycle a substantial amount of scrap metal. Copper Scrap Recycler offers residential, commercial, and industrial scrap metal bins in various sizes to accommodate different quantities of scrap metal. Requesting a bin ensures that your scrap metal is collected efficiently and safely.

Get Your Scrap Copper Removed Today

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