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What Is PVC?

Polyvinyl Chloride, commonly known as PVC, is a type of plastic that has been in use since the early 20th century. It’s employed in various applications in Melbourne and worldwide due to its durability, flexibility, and low cost. This material has proven indispensable in construction, healthcare, telecommunications, and more sectors.

Similarly, PVC is a synthetic material composed of carbon, hydrogen, and chlorine. While these elements make it cost-effective to produce and highly versatile, they also make PVC difficult to dispose of. 

PVC Cables Scrap in Melbourne

Why Recycle PVC?

When PVC waste is incinerated or sent to landfills, it releases harmful chemicals and toxic gases into the environment. This not only pollutes the air and water but also poses a threat to public health. Recycling PVC requires less energy than producing new PVC from raw materials, leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

PVC cable and wire Scrap Melbourne


PVC Scrap Cable And Wire

Due to its resistance to corrosion and other environmental effects, PVC is widely used for sewage and water supply pipes.

PVC window frames are popular for their insulation properties and resistance to weathering.

PVC’s excellent barrier properties against moisture and gases make it ideal for blister packaging in the pharmaceutical industry.

PVC provides durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance solutions for exterior cladding.

PVC’s electrical insulation properties make it suitable for cable and wiring applications.

Flexible PVC is used to make durable and comfortable soles for shoes.

Prices Of Scrap PVC Cables And Wire

Copper Scrap Recycler located in the heart of Melbourne, Victoria pays the best prices for scrap PVC cables and wires depending on the quality and purity of scrap PVC. Plus the prices change every day, contact us now so that we can help you make use of your scrap PVC, or call now at 0434076450.

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