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Get the Best Value for Your Scrap Metal

Are you’re in search of top-paying scrap metal then your search is over, you’ve come to the right place. Copper Scrap Recycler is your only choice for recycling your scrap metal in the best possible way. If you have scrap metal lying around, it’s more than just clutter and disarrays your property and workspace. 

Scrap metal is precious, and by understanding its value, you can turn your unwanted materials into cash. Copper Scrap Recycler In Melbourne is an experienced scrap dealer where you can sell your scrap.

To get the best price, separate your scrap by metal type, remove non-metal contaminants. The cleaner your scrap metal, the higher prices can be expected for it. keep your scrap clean and well-organized. Additionally, Stay informed about current market conditions to sell at the right time. Recycling scrap metal conserves natural resources, reduces energy consumption, and minimizes the environmental impact of mining and extraction.

Best Scrap Metal Prices In Melbourne



Copper Scrap Recycler In Melbourne offers an opportunity to turn your old metal items into cash while contributing to sustainable practices. By understanding the factors that influence prices and following best practices for selling scrap, you can ensure you get the best value for your materials. Whether you have aluminum, copper, steel, or brass, we can turn your unwanted items into a valuable resource.

Scrap Metal Prices per Kg in Melbourne

This price list can vary depending on several reasons, including the type of scrap metal, its quality, and current market conditions. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information and data on scrap metal prices in Melbourne, it's best to contact Copper Scrap Recycler yards.

Metal Type

Per Kg

Bright And Shiny Copper


Copper 1


Copper 2


Domestic Copper


High-Grade Wire Single Core


Medium-Grade Wire


Low-Grade Wire


Brass Mix


Brass Clean


Aluminum Copper Radiator Clean


Aluminum Copper Radiator Dirty


Extrurded Aluminum


Aluminum Rims


Domestic Aluminum


Cast Aluminum Clean


Stainless Steel


Electric Motor


Starter / Alternator




Soft Lead




AC/ Fridge Compressors






Stay informed by regularly monitoring the prices of specific metals. It’s only a guideline, the Scrap metal prices vary every day. Contact Us today for more information and updates about the scrap metal prices.

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