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About Copper Scrap Recycler

Copper Scrap Recycler is one of Melbourne’s most Successful Scrap recyclers. If you’re in search of top-leading scrap recyclers in Melbourne then you’ve come to the right place. We have experienced and expert team members to provide high-quality service on your doorstep. Contact us today to get more information about Copper Scrap Recycler. 

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of metal recycling. Our commitment goes beyond providing competitive prices for scrap copper; it extends to contributing positively to environmental sustainability and offering our clients comprehensive support throughout the recycling process.


With years of expertise and a solid reputation in the Melbourne scrap metal industry, our facility is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure your scrap copper is recycled efficiently, responsibly, and with the best possible return for you. 

We accept all types of metal including Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Electric Motors, etc., and pay you the best price for your metal. Give us a call today so that we can deliver our service possibly on the same day.


We Seek All Things Metallic

Our team of experts meticulously curates each and every piece, ensuring that only the highest quality items make their way onto our shelves.

Monday to Friday
7:00 am to 5 pm
Saturday 7:00 am to 3 pm

Whether you are an individual with a small quantity of scrap copper or a business looking to dispose of large amounts of metal waste, we are here to facilitate your recycling needs. Our knowledgeable team is always available to offer advice on sorting and preparing your copper for recycling, ensuring you understand the process every step of the way. By choosing Copper Scrap Recycler in Melbourne, you’re not just choosing a recycling service; you’re partnering with a team of professionals dedicated to making recycling easy, profitable, and environmentally responsible.