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A PVC Cable or Wire, or Polyvinyl Chloride Cable, refers to a type of cable that features an insulation and protective layer made from PVC material. PVC is a popular choice due to its superior properties such as excellent electrical insulation, mechanical durability, and resistance to elements like heat, light, and harsh chemicals. These attributes make PVC cables suitable for a broad array of applications, ranging from domestic wiring to industrial power transmission. However, it’s crucial to note that incorrect disposal of PVC cables can have a harmful environmental impact. Therefore, promoting and utilizing proper recycling methods is of great importance. To recycle PVC cables, you can utilize the services of a Copper Scrap Recycler¬†that handles e-waste or specializes in cable recycling. The process involves separating the PVC from other materials through mechanical shredding before melting it down and repurposing it into new products. By opting to recycle your PVC cables, you are not only promoting sustainability but also potentially earning compensation for the materials.¬†

What products are made from recycled PVC cables?

The metal parts, such as copper or aluminum, are also recovered during the cable recycling process. They can be melted down and reused in the production of new metal products.

The products made from recycled PVC cables are different and encompass a wide range of usages. Upon recycling, the recovered PVC can be converted into a variety of new products, supporting a circular economic model. A large portion of recycled PVC is used in the manufacturing of new cables and wiring.

In addition to this, it finds substantial use in the construction industry, where it’s converted into PVC pipes for plumbing and irrigation systems. The durability and resistance to environmental conditions of PVC make it a top choice for outdoor products as well, leading to its use in the production of garden hoses, outdoor furniture, and even fencing material.

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