Copper Scrap Recycler In Melbourne

In Melbourne, as of the current market situation, copper prices per kg are between AUD 10 and AUD 11.80. However, it’s advisable to regularly check with local scrap yards or metal recyclers for the most up-to-date and accurate prices.

However, these prices are susceptible to changes in real time depending on market trends. It’s recommended to regularly check with local scrap yards or online platforms that provide updated information on scrap copper prices.

Remember, you can maximize your earnings by ensuring your scrap is clean, sorted by grade, and sold when prices are at their peak.

scrap metal in Melbourne

Benefiting from Copper Recycling

Copper recycling offers numerous advantages for both the environment and businesses. By recycling copper, we not only reduce the demand for new copper mining but also conserve valuable natural resources.

Additionally, copper recycling helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption associated with the production of new copper.

Moreover, Copper Scrap Recycler helps you get the maximum profit by selling your scrap copper at the best prices.

Get The Best Prices For Copper


To get the best prices for your copper scrap, it’s critical to be proactive and employ effective strategies. One such strategy is volume selling. Instead of selling your copper scrap in small quantities, consider accumulating it over time and selling it in bulk. Scrap yards often offer better prices for larger volumes, which can significantly increase your overall earnings. 


Stay updated with the latest market trends and prices. Copper prices fluctuate based on market conditions, so being informed can help you sell when the rates are favorable. There are various online platforms and local scrap yards that provide up-to-date information on copper prices.


Sort and clean your copper scrap. As mentioned earlier, the grade of your copper significantly affects its value, with bright and shiny copper fetching the highest prices. Make sure to separate your copper into different grades before selling, and take the time to clean your copper scrap if needed.


Consider removing any insulation from copper wires. Insulated copper wire is a lower grade than uncoated wire, and the insulation’s thickness can lower its value further. Stripping the insulation can increase the price you receive.

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